From Dream To Reality: Meagan Taylor’s Inspiring Journey as CEO of Atlanta’s Premier Postpartum Doula Agency

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Born and raised in the New York of the South, Meagan Taylor’s journey from a dreamer to the CEO of Take Care Mommy, Atlanta’s Premier Postpartum Doula Agency, stands as a testament to the transformative power of determination and passion. From the very inception of her vision, Meagan felt a calling to change the trajectory of postpartum care, driven by a deep-seated belief in the importance of nurturing families during this delicate period known as the fourth trimester. With a relentless spirit and unwavering commitment to her mission, Meagan embarked on a journey marked by grit, resilience, and unwavering dedication.

It all began while Meagan was working as a part-time pediatric speech-language pathologist and helping care for a family's new baby a few times per week. During her time with the family, Meagan was introduced to who the mom referred to as their night nurse; a newborn care specialist who took over the nighttime feedings and newborn care while the family enjoyed a good night's rest and recharged for the next day. With dad as a busy CEO and mom an aspiring photographer and full-time mother to a 2-year-old toddler, not getting sleep was not an option. Knowing how this story ends, it’s needless to say this was the light bulb moment for what Meagan would devote the next year of her life to becoming, a newborn care specialist and certified postpartum doula.

Immersing herself in the world of Atlanta moms through Facebook groups and networking with local birth professionals, Meagan quickly found herself booked out 6+ months in advance and unable to help incoming postpartum moms during this timeframe. After 4 short months of starting Take Care Mommy, Meagan decided to expand her reach by recruiting Atlanta’s most sought-after postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists, launching what is now a large team of caregiver’s serving as part of Atlanta’s Premier Postpartum Doula Agency.

With overnight newborn care (often referred to as having a “night nurse”) as Take Care Mommy’s most popular service for Atlanta’s doctor’s, CEO’s and celebrities, Meagan has cultivated a team of experts who also provide daytime postpartum doula support and virtual sleep consulting. Due to the rapid growth of Take Care Mommy, Meagan expanded her reach to new moms across the nation with her Motherhood Mentorship Consultations, giving new moms exclusive access to learning all things postpartum and newborn care one-on-one.

Rising up as Atlanta’s “Postpartum Doula Agency for the Stars,” Meagan quickly became a favorite to celebrities with newborn babies, settling for nothing less than the utmost quality care and highly confidential services. Meagan not only owns her role as CEO of Take Care Mommy by advocating for the best care for her clients, but also as a humble and kind leader to her team. Meagan states, “This entrepreneurship journey has not only been a creation of a business I am immensely passionate about, but a journey of self-discovery of who I, Meagan Taylor, really am.”

Today, as Meagan reflects on her remarkable journey from dream to reality, she does so with a heart full of gratitude and humility. She knows that her success is not solely her own, but the culmination of the unwavering support, dedication, and sacrifice of countless individuals who believed in her vision. From her loyal team of caregivers to the families who entrusted her with their most precious treasure, Meagan recognizes that she is but one piece of a much larger puzzle—a puzzle united by a shared commitment to nurturing, empowering, and uplifting one another.

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